Offshore Provisions Food Supplies

SAGA MAX SERVICES SDN BHD is your reliable global partner in the supply of provisions and stores to catering companies, the offshore industry and ships of every kind. With a global network staffed by skilled individuals and expert knowledge of the local markets, providing supplies to all types of vessels and offshore locations.

Offering a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions to cater to the diverse preferences and needs while remaining fully compliant with the high demands of today's food supply chain and international food safety standards.

Coupled with our deep understanding of the challenging and dynamic shipping industry, our commitment to excellence has made us one of the preferred suppliers to the regions. Over the years, availabilities for us to support our clients in remote and challenging locations.

Strictly Compliance with International Foods Standards
Able to strive and to minimise operational risk related to food supply by complying strictly with international food standards.

In addition, demonstrating the ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure that the food is safe at the time of human consumption. This includes a full product traceability and recall system in place.

Receipt of Goods from Supplier
Undergo a strict inspection procedure when products are received at the warehouse. Potential hazards are identified and dealt with by fully trained staff with regular audits are being conducted on our suppliers.

Competitive Pricing
Sourcing of high-quality products globally in bulk, allowing us to pass the cost savings to our customers.

Storage in Chillers / Freezers
Temperature controls are stringently implemented throughout Saga Max’s facilities to ensure maintenance of the cold chain at all points. Potential hazards are identified, prevented, and issues resolved by trained staff on a daily basis.

Picking and Dispatch of Products
Temperature control is verified with the appropriate handling practices are followed. Products are delivered only when they pass the standard conformance criteria.

Wide Range of Fresh, Quality Provisions Including Bonded Stores
Customers can get access to an extensive range of high-quality products including fresh and frozen meat and seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, canned foods, soft drinks, cakes and biscuits With a broad range of Malaysian, Indian, Indonesian, Western and Oriental food staples to meet the preferences of the international crew. By building up a core selection of bonded stores from selected suppliers and brands.